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Our fleet

Our fleet consist of two types of aircrafts, Cessna C150/152 and  bigger one C172. All our planes are very well maintained. Why Cessna? This is the most famous type of light aircraft and the most safety all over the world on which hundreds of thousands of pilots have been trained.


Cessna C150 L

This is our the best „top-seller” with standard tanks. With SP-DSM you could fly with maximum range up to 3,5 hours. This model is equipped with radio 8.33 mhz separation and transponder mode C. With leather seats you could fly comfortable around Poland.

Cessna C150 M

This is second our plane from last year of production Cessna 150. You will feel on board as you are flyinn on Cessna 152 cause flaps indiciator is mounted on front panel in flightdesk. Moreover, this plane is equipped with long range tanks – up to 5,5 hours airbone. Radio 8.33 Garmin and transponder mode C is mounted on board.


Cessna C172 P Skyhawk II

Our newest addition to fleet. This plane is equipped with standard tanks and all instruments on which you could fly precision and non-precision approach. Range of this plane is around 4,5 hours.  Of course on board you will find radio 8.33 mhz separation and transponder mode S.

Special all-inclusive offer for packages of 30 / 50 / 80 hours!

In our special all-inclusive package "Ready for take off" you will find: accommodation with breakfast for 29€ / day, transportation from the Warsaw Chopin or Warsaw Modlin Airport, safety pilot, fuel, landing fees, all taxes! We guarantee to complete the package of building hours during your stay!

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