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Frequently asked questions

Do you have some questions? Maybe you will find answer below. Please read our FAQ, if you still didn't get any answer, contact us!


What is time building or pilot in command flight experience?


Hours building ensures that as a pilot wanting to fly commercially (and to be paid to do so), you have the knowledge, skills and experience to be able to achieve the level required to pass the CPL and IR skills tests. At least to complete your CPL program – you need 200 TT and 100 PIC hours en routes.


Do you provide accommodation?

We offers few cozy single and double rooms in the hostel with restaurant close the airfield. The restaurant serves delicious Polish dishes! This hostel offers accommodation with breakfast included!


Do you provide transportation?

We provide directly transportation to our airfield from two main airports Warsaw Modlin and Warsaw Chopin, that you can reach by LOT, Wizzair, Ryanair and more airlines.


How I can book my package of hours?

First of all – please contact us via mail / phone. You could select package hours via our website and confirm it by purchasing one hour. This is reservation fee. Then you will receive briefpack with all details about your selected package.


How and when would I make a payment?

Payment could be done online after issuing invoice. You could pay via money transfer or cash.


What documents are required to rent an aircraft?

You need to have valid licence, medical licence and radio operator certificate or ICAO proficiency certificate.


What means that Fly Poland guarantee complete my package of hours during stay?

We know that time building is one the most important part of your training. We are flying all the time when the weather permits it. You will be not waiting in queues and slots as some schools offers time building packages at commercial airports.


How many aircrafts are there?

We have 2 two Cessna 150 M version and Cessna 172 Skyhawk P version.


How I caconvert my ICAO licence under EASA?

It is very simple procedure. Just text us about your needs – we will direct you via this process. We have many satisfied students who converted licence with us.

Remeber! You may contact us!

You didn't find any answer above to solve your problem? Feel free and send message to us or just call!

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